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How's Mark Doing?

So I've been to busy to follow Mark as he watches season 3 of Buffy. To those of you who do follow him, how's he doing? Is the Buffy/Angel stuff grating on him to (it's my biggest complaint about season 3 - there are some flawless episodes there, but the season long arc is ruined by Buffy and Angel's nine-month long breakup. One that will emotionally fuck Buffy up for the rest of the series this is why I hate you Angel).

I've noticed I have two criteria for anyone blogging about their Buffy watch that determines whether or not they watched the show right: (1) Does the Buffy and Angel-ness of season 3 get obnoxious and (2) does the kiss in EoD/Chosen seem like cheap fanservice. If you answered yes to both you get my seal of approval. If not, get the fuck away from me and go back to reading Twilight.

Know who didn't get the seal of approval? The A.V. Club. to quote:

Still, when Angel showed up at the “End Of Days” to help keep Buffy from being clobbered by Caleb yet again, I cheered. And even though the passionate Buffy/Angel kiss that follows is partly a plot device to make Spike jealous—and make us think that Spike could be influenced by The First—watching Buffy and Angel together again, however briefly, reminded me that he always was the best of her romantic partners. They even look right together, with his bulk next to her petite-ness.

Fuck you you fucking piece of shit. I didn't follow your Buffy watch for YEARS to get to this episode and have you wax poetic about how Angel is the "best of her romantic partners." Who the fuck are you, a special snowflake who spends their time at Blood Roses forum? That scene was thrown in there to not only make us doubt Spike for the millionth fucking time because apparently nothing the guy will ever do will earn him a little faith, but to pander to the Blood Roses crowd and pacify them for the Spike and Buffyness to come. Which was a long time in coming, btw - it was one of the main plots of the ENTIRE FUCKING SEASON, and they decided to throw it off by having Buffy and Angel kiss just to please the "vocal minority" (and yes, they are a minority - a 12% minority - I've done the research) who believe Buffy and Angel are twu luv 4-eva and should remain stagnant and unevolving and stationary and stay the way they were in high school forever.

Well fuck you A.V. Club. And Fuck you Mark, if you go this route.

Don't let me down, Mark.


Mar. 6th, 2012 02:53 am (UTC)
What gabs said, and I applaud your courage.

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